Whatsapp outage email continuity importance for business

Millions of users were left disappointed Wednesday when they realized that WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps on the market, was down due to an outage.

Users of Facebook-owned, WhatsApp, were left upset and message-less on Wednesday when the popular messaging app went down due to an internal outage. The app is used by over 1.2 billion people globally to send and receive free messages through data or wifi.

The outage lasted about 2 hours and started around 4pm EST (9pm GMT), effecting users in western Europe, parts of central and south America, as well as the east coast of the US. Users were quick to go on Twitter and other social media to complain about the outage.

While WhatsApp was quick to get the service back online, the outrage and confusion that was seen in those few hours should be a reminder for all businesses of how disastrous a messaging outage can be. When an outage occurs and communications go down, companies lose time, money, and potentially business; don’t let your company become a victim.

With The Email Laundry’s email continuity service, communication can continue as normal, even if there’s an outage with your native email client. There is no need to worry about fires, natural disasters, or anything else that may bring down a server, communication and business can continue as normal. Users can send and receive email as normal through our web portal, and once the outage is over all their emails will be waiting in the user’s inbox for easy discovery.

Outages can occur at any time as WhatsApp found out, (the outage happened during their quarterly earnings conference call with Wall Street), don’t let a down server stop your business, sign up for email continuity today.

For more information on The Email Laundry’s continuity service, contact us or visit our Email Continuity page here.


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